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5 Best Free Ethical Hacking Courses For Beginners

If you are interested in learning Ethical Hacking without spending any money, you’ve landed on the right page. Ethical hacking, also referred to as penetration testing, involves identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities within computer systems like Windows, Linux, macOS, or websites. If you aspire to become a white-hat hacker and pursue a career in this domain, this article compiles a list of free courses designed to provide practical knowledge. These resources demonstrate the use of authentic hacking tools for exploiting vulnerabilities.

5 Best Free Ethical Hacking courses for Beginners

1. Fundamentals of Computer Hacking (Udemy)

If you’re starting with ethical hacking, this short course is perfect. It covers the basics like understanding security threats, types of hackers, and risk assessment. You’ll also get hands-on experience with tools used by hackers for information gathering.

2. Ethical Hacking — SQL Injection Attack (Udemy)

Explore the widely-used SQL injection technique for exploiting website databases. The course teaches database attack techniques, demonstrates the use of the SQLMAP tool, and even shows how to exploit website databases without any tools by inserting queries.

3. Security Analyst Fundamentals (Coursera Course)

Created by IBM, this Coursera course provides a solid foundation in security concepts and hacking defence mechanisms. It includes penetration testing, incident response, forensics, cyber threat intelligence, and real-world breach response case studies.

Note: While auditing these Specialisation courses is free, getting a certificate requires enrollment or a subscription like Coursera Plus.

4. Penetration Testing — Discovering Vulnerabilities (edX course)

Tailored for intermediate learners, this edX course focuses on discovering vulnerabilities. You’ll learn about penetration testing methodologies, reconnaissance, enumeration, system scanning, and risk assessment—a must for those interested in scanning systems and websites.

5. Ethical Hacking Full CourseLearn Ethical Hacking in 10 Hours (Edureka)

Edureka’s comprehensive, 10-hour course provides an in-depth understanding of Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security. Covering topics like cyber threats, networking fundamentals, penetration testing, and ethical hacking tools, it’s a thorough resource for beginners.

If you prefer live, online classroom training, Edureka offers Cybersecurity Certification training online.


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