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Frontier hack affects over 750k customers; company waits two months to notify them | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

A Frontier hack exposed the personal data of at least 750,000 customers, including full names and social security numbers, which places them at significant risk of identity theft. The ransomware group said to be behind the attack claims that the actual number is two million.

The company has now notified the customers it believes to have been impacted by the security breach, but waited almost two months to do so …

Frontier hack

Bleeping Computer reports.

Frontier Communications is warning 750,000 customers that their information was exposed in a data breach after an April cyberattack claimed by the RansomHub ransomware operation […]

“On April 14, 2024, we detected unauthorized access to some of our internal IT systems,” reads the data breach notification sent to impacted customers.

“Our investigation identified your personal information among the data affected by this incident.”

The company notified the Maine Attorney General of the breach, stating that the breach took place on April 13, and was discovered the following day, April 14.

However, customers were only notified on June 6, almost two months later. The reason for the delay is unknown.

RansomHub claims responsibility for the hack, though it claims to have obtained the details of more than two million customers, not the 751,895 stated by Frontier. The extortion group says that it will sell the data to the highest bidder unless Frontier complies with their demands by June 14.

Free credit monitoring and identify theft protection

Frontier is offering affected customers one year of free credit monitoring and identify theft protection through Kroll.

The company says that it has also hired cybersecurity experts to support its investigation into the vulnerability/ies that made possible the hack, and to harden its systems against future attacks.

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