Fulton County stands firm against ransom demands amid cyberattack | #ransomware | #cybercrime

Despite the passing of another ransom deadline, Fulton County, Georgia, maintains its stance of not capitulating to the ransom demands imposed by the Lockbit 3.0 hacking group, StateScoop reports.

The group, which is responsible for the ransomware attack on January 29, had threatened to release sensitive information unless their demands were met. A first deadline of Feb. 16 similarly passed without consequence. Board of Commissioners Chair Robb Pitts addressed reporters, expressing concern over the potential release of data and acknowledging the ongoing threat posed by the hackers. While Lockbit 3.0 had previously posted samples of sensitive information from Fulton County as a tactic to coerce payment, they removed the entry from their blog without explanation, leaving officials on edge. Despite the cyberattack, Fulton County remains focused on restoring systems and ensuring public services continue uninterrupted, adhering to cybersecurity guidelines that caution against ransom payments and emphasizing the potential risks associated with such actions.

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