Cyber threats continue to rise and California companies require cybersecurity assistance

Los Angeles, CA, June 20, 2016– Blue Fields Digital LLC has funds available for a limited number of private companies to address the issue of Cyber Health and compliance.

Aerospace and Defense Suppliers, Manufacturers and small- to medium- sized businesses (SMB’s) have priority for funding and are encouraged to submit applications.

Human security awareness is imperative since ninety-five percent of security breaches are due to human error. In a study released this month over 50% of cybersecurity awareness personnel surveyed had a budget of $5,000 or less, or did not know if they had a budget. Only 25% of personnel reported a budget of $25,000 or more. (2016 SANS Securing the Human Security Awareness Report)

As a result of this gap in funding and the need to address the growing cyber threat to networks, personal privacy, and critical infrastructure, the State of California is supporting companies with funding to ensure all organizations develop a cyber awareness culture – where all employees understand their significant roles and responsibilities in protecting and defending their organizations against the persistent and pervasive threats of cyber criminals. Eddie Bader, CEO of Company Built, stated that “cyber criminals are continuously evolving to take advantage of social engineering. IT staff alone cannot safeguard a company.”

The State of California continues to innovate by offering this funding program to support businesses and industry in the State. Akilah Kamaria, consultant and author of the SHEELD Cyber Health Training™ Curriculum said that “this funding is a tremendous opportunity for companies to utilize these resources to develop and enhance their security processes. Cyber-criminals work together, share information and coordinate operations, they rely on human psychology to take advantage of employees. Some industry sectors such as manufacturing, finance, insurance and real estate are particularly vulnerable, as they receive the highest volume of spear-phishing attacks. Employers must make ensure that ALL their employees are up-to-date with the latest training and technologies, it is the responsibility of every employee to protect their company from harm.”

Frequently asked questions about qualifying for funding:

How Does Your Company Qualify?

The company must pay into the unemployment insurance fund
The company must have a 20 percent turnover rate, or less
How Do Your Employees Qualify?

Eligible employees must:

Be a resident of California.
Be full-time employees (working 35 hours per week or more). Part-time, temporary and contract employees do not qualify for funding, however, they may still participate.
How Many Employees Have to Be Trained and How Many Hours Are Required?

No minimum number of employees is required, however, training 20 or more employees will impact the funding amount.
Training courses – Minimum of 16 hours. On average, training consists of 28 to 200 hours annually depending on company needs.
How Much Does It Cost?

The Company must make In-Kind contributions toward the cost of training. In Kind Contributions may be monetary or non-monetary but they must be in addition to the training costs reimbursed by the State. In-Kind contributions must demonstrate a commitment to the successful outcome of the retraining project. *Learning Management Systems, Consulting, Knowledge and Risk Assessment Fees are additional and not covered by State funding.

Contact Blue Fields Digital LLC for more information and to apply:

Since its inception, Blue Fields Digital has worked in partnership with small and middle market companies along with many local, state and federal partners to deliver cybersecurity technology solutions and training for SMB’s.


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