In the future, will elections go to whomever has the best hacker?

President-elect Donald Trump, seen Dec. 21, alarmed lawmakers over his public skepticism of a U.S. intelligence report last week that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an “influence campaign” to sway the presidential election. Jabin Botsford The Washington Post

This election may signal the end of democracy as we have known it. It seems certain now that the Russians hacked our voting machinery to secure the election of Donald Trump. Witness the disparity between the polls, the popular vote and the outcome.

This being true, how can we ever trust the outcome of future elections? Won’t elections now go to the candidate with the most talented hacker? This is sad, but it’s our reality, and we’re stuck with it. Also, if Trump owes his election to Russian hackers and is in deep debt to the Russian oligarchs, don’t they own him? No wonder Vladimir Putin seems so happy.


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