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Earlier today, news broke that G Herbo was taking a guilty plea deal for his ongoing fraud charge. As a result, he could face more than 20 years in prison. The charge alleges that he stole over $150k through wire fraud from various businesses and individuals in order to fund his rap career. His admitted participation in the fraud scams comes in the midst of other ongoing cases related to those same scams.

According to a post on his Instagram story earlier today, he isn’t worried about getting snitched on in those other ongoing cases. His first post after the news broke simply read “I JUST MADE A MILLION LAST WEEK.” It came as fans questioned whether or not he could have sustained his career without the money he stole through wire fraud. He also tried to shut down the idea that he could end up getting snitched on. Another post reads “I know Foenemm won’t tell on me like n*ggaz told on Thug.”

G Herbo Isn’t Worried About Snitches

This isn’t the only legal trouble G Herbo is caught up in at the moment. He’s also dealing with charges stemming from an arrest for having an illegal weapon. It happened as part of a major gun bust in Chicago that took place earlier this month. It’s the most recent in a frequent and ongoing series of legal issues he’s dealt with dating back to 2020 when the original fraud charges emerged.

When G Herbo references those that snitched on Young Thug, many fans jumped to the conclusion that he was talking about Gunna. The rapper was caught up in the same YSL RICO case that still has Young Thug incarcerated. Many have taken issue with Gunna’s decision to take a plea deal in the case. More specifically, they took issue with Gunna’s decision to admit that YSL was a gang as part of his plea. Do you think G Herbo should be more worried about snitches than he is? Let us know in the comment section below.

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