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Cyber Showdown: Indian Hacktivist Groups Thwarted ‘#OpIndia’ Amid G20 Summit


  • Indian Cyber Force and Team NWH fight back, neutralizing ‘#OpIndia,’ a cyber attack campaign from Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.
  • Telegram bans all anti-India hacking groups, disrupting their coordination and communication.
  • Indian hacktivist groups report over 100 malicious websites and fix multiple vulnerabilities, raising the cybersecurity bar for the nation.

While global leaders discuss pressing issues at the G20 Summit in New Delhi, another battlefield emerges in cyberspace. Hacktivist groups from Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have launched a coordinated cyber campaign dubbed ‘#OpIndia,’ targeting various Indian government websites. However, Indian hacktivist groups are not sitting idle.
Source Indian Cyber Force
Source: Indian Cyber Force

Indian Cyber Force, known as ICF, has emerged as a formidable force against these cyber threats. The group has:

  • Reported over 100 websites used for launching cyber attacks.
  • Reported 15-plus vulnerabilities in government websites.

ICF also made headlines by retaliating against the Indonesian Army’s domain, ‘,’ rendering it inaccessible. The group also briefly took down the Indonesian Embassy website, causing it to go offline for approximately 35 minutes.

Source Team NWH
Source: Team NWH

ICF is not fighting this cyber battle alone. Team NWH, another Indian hacking group, has also rolled up their sleeves. They have:

  • Orchestrated DDoS attacks on the Bangladesh government’s services portal.
  • Retaliated against Pakistani police websites, including and, after the Delhi and Mumbai police websites were targeted.

Telegram Steps In

In a significant move, Telegram has banned all anti-India hacking groups from its platform. Channels from Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are now restricted in India (They are visible outside India), forcing these groups to migrate to other platforms like Twitter.


A Glimmer of What’s to Come: #OpIndia’s Next Move

As the first day of the G20 Summit unfolds, the Indonesian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi hacktivist groups spearheading the ‘#OpIndia’ campaign have released an ominous statement. They’ve announced plans to intensify their cyberattacks on Indian cyberspace over the next two days, coinciding with the Summit’s duration of 9-10th September. With the Indian hacktivist groups like ICF and Team NWH already on high alert, the stage is set for an escalating cyber showdown.

What will happen next in this unfolding saga of cyber warfare? Will India’s cybersecurity measures hold up against the next wave of attacks? As world leaders discuss geopolitics and economics, the cyber warriors are locked in a battle of their own, defending the nation’s virtual borders.

The stakes are high, and with Day 1 of the Summit just getting started, this cyber battlefield is far from quiet. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to cover this riveting story.


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