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Every other day, there’s a new “hack” for nearly everything. Whether a truly innovative workaround or an obvious process with the “hack” label unnecessarily attached, there’s always someone in the world who could find it helpful. This latest hack for keeping fresh flowers has gardeners, herbalists, and non-committed followers wondering just how sustainable it actually is.

A gardener thinks baby oil is the key to making those fresh flowers you bought from Walmart last beyond a couple of weeks.

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“I LOVE fresh flowers in the house but they die too fast. 🌸 ,” gardener Brandi Rondinelli shared with her Instagram followers. “This trick gives you fresh flowers to enjoy for a YEAR!!”

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“[You] can use baby oil, mineral oil, or paraffin oil,” she suggested to her followers.

“Yes, it’s as simple as filling a glass bottle with only baby oil, putting flowers in, and putting the cap on.”

The results look quite beautiful. As a person whose home reflects spring vibes year-round, I support these efforts for however long they last.

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It’s just unclear if the flowers truly last for one year submerged in any kind of oil.

“I’m terrified that this would become the [nastiest] bottle of goo known to man in a few months,” a skeptic shared.

Brandi actually ran out of oil and for the purposes of completing her project, she filled the rest of the bottle with oil.

“If you mix oil, water, and fresh flowers, [then] these will 100% mold in my experience! If [you] really wanna do this, [then] try drying some flowers like baby’s breath, strawflower, roses,” one follower warned. “…This looks beautiful but as an herbalist, [it] looks like a recipe for a moldy bottle.”

“The water content of fresh flowers will introduce bacteria and mold/not smell good,” another person chimed in. “If the idea is to preserve the look [of] the flowers, [then] it’s not likely it will last long either way…”

Still, some followers want to try the hack anyway to keep hope alive about fresh flower preservation.

Science will reveal how flowers fare in baby oil over time but you’ll save yourself some time, effort, and maybe a smelly mess by going the dried flowers route.

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