Gardening with Children

One thing I really enjoy is gardening with my kids.  I have one son that loves the real work part of it and one son that thinks it’s just ok.  But there is one thing that they both agree on….they both LOVE to pick everything that is grown in our family garden and they both LOVE to dig in the dirt.

I truly enjoy researching all sorts of ideas for including my kids in all of my gardening…from veggies and fruit trees to flowers, trees and shrubs.  One particular site that I love to read articles from is  There is a great article about Gardening With Kids.  If you are looking for detailed tips on how to create a child-sized garden and what plants to choose for you child whether you prefer flowers or veggies, take a peak at Gardening With Kids.

It’s always exciting to see what your hard work turns into as spring turns into summer and things start to mature.  Adding other interesting things into the mix is always a great way to make it exciting for kids.  A garden for children can include all sorts of things that they can create.  Let them paint rocks to place in the gardens.  Or make some stepping stones with their names and dates in them. The ideas are endless.

Whatever you choose, make it fun. And please let me know what your gardening ideas are for your family.

For more information, check out  Gardening with Your Kids.

I also thought I would include some really cute and highly rated tools for gardening with your kids..


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