Gary Lineker lifts lid on dating and sex life and admits to ’embarrassing’ crushes | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker has been married twice but the former England star is currently single after divorcing from his second wife Danielle Bux in 2016

Gary Lineker enjoying himself at Wimbledon this year

Gary Lineker has never been short of attention whether it be for his football career or personal life – but the ex-England goalscorer has now opened up on embracing his single life.

The Match of the Day presenter, 62, first married Michelle Cockayne back in 1986. The couple have four sons together, but separated in 2006 after Cockayne filed for divorce.

Lineker would later marry Danielle Bux in September 2009, but that marriage would only last six years before the pair announced they were splitting in early 2016. The Leicester, Everton, and Spurs icon has since been single, and has now candidly opened up on his sex life and romantic interests.

In an interview with The Times, Lineker admitted he is regularly recognised and smiled at by both males and females, but attributes that notion to his football fame and not because he’s perceived as a sex symbol. Indeed, back in 2021 he claimed to be unbothered about intimacy anymore, conceding he was at an age where his testosterone levels had dropped.

And now he insists he doesn’t miss being married, and is content that his working life, and sons, occupy the bulk of his time: “I like being on my own,” he said. “I know it sounds a bit mad.

“I have lots of company. I’ve got lots of friends and I’ve also got my boys who come around a lot and I cook for them. I don’t feel lonely. I have the odd date here and there, but nothing, not in terms of a long relationship.

“I’ve been married most of my adult life. Two really good marriages, I’m friends with both. Danielle’s kind of my best mate, so I have that female connection with her. I’m not saying whether it’ll change. It might do. But at the minute I’m very comfortable.”

Asked about his sex life, Lineker insisted: “I am still single. I am not going down that route! I have been there before and tried to explain myself and I got slaughtered by my friends.”

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