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Gaston College reveals scope of ransomware attack | #ransomware | #cybercrime

Gaston College in Dallas Saturday morning, May 6, 2023.

A ransomware attack on Gaston College exposed highly sensitive personal information of the people affected, the college said in a statement.

The attack, which took place between Feb. 21 and Feb. 22, allowed an individual to access and expose information from Gaston College’s network. The information exposed varied by individual, but may have included the name, date of birth, Social Security number, driver’s license number, financial account information, medical information, student information, and employment information of people within the network, according to the college.

Threat Analyst Brett Callow with the cybersecurity company Emsisoft, which tracks ransomware incidents, said that the hacker made the files from Gaston College available online on both the Dark Web and the regular internet. He also said that Gaston College was not alone in being targeted. In 2023, there were 56 ransomware incidents involving U.S. post-secondary schools, and data was stolen in at least 50 of those incidents, Callow said. 

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