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The gay furry hacker group SiegedSec has done it once again, this time claiming responsibility for leaking the data from a far-right media outlet.

In a Monday post to its Telegram channel, the group announced that it had hacked the app for Real America’s Voice, a right-wing media outlet founded in 2020 that regularly features far-right activists like Steve Bannon and Charlie Kirk. The outlet also frequently platforms conspiracy theories and transphobic rhetoric.

As part of SiegedSec’s ongoing hacktivism campaign OpTransRights, the group said they released the personal information of over 1,200 users on the app, including their full names, phone numbers, and email addresses. The group also said they “went poof on their files,” wiping user data from the app’s API and its cloud storage.

“[T]hroughout our attacks on transphobic entities, we have received concerns that our attacks will be used to label the LGBTQ+ community as ‘terrorists’ and ‘criminals,’” the group wrote in a Telegram message. “[T]he thing is, these types of people will blame the LGBTQ+ community regardless of what we do. they will look for a reason to hate, they won’t listen to reason, they want to spread lies to shun people different than them.”

This latest hack follows SiegedSec’s April breach, which was also part of OpTransRights. On April 8, the group announced that it had doxxed Rob Ketterling, the lead pastor of River Valley Church in Burnsville, Minnesota. According to the group’s Telegram channel, they received an email alleging that Ketterling was “causing problems with transgender individuals, as well as publicly posting transphobia.” Though SiegedSec did not specify any particular posts, Ketterling’s X account features a video of a sermon he gave accompanied by the caption “A Biblical response to Gender Dysphoria,” along with several other posts and reposts promoting anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric.

Prior to that April breach, SiegedSec claimed to have staged a separate attack on River Valley Church. They reportedly hacked the church’s accounts and used its funds to buy $6,200 worth of inflatable sea lions, as well as thousands of dollars in business cards, the Daily Dot reported.

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