GB3CS Squeaky Repeater Jammer with an Echo Mic and Bleep!

The GB3CS Squeaky continues to abuse the repeater and interfere with communications and now he has an Echo mic and a Bleep! He either bought another type of eBay Chinese handy or has a base/mobile with an Echo mic/bleep wired on. I got him yesterday afternoon when GM7NPR was on and also very early this morning at 3 am. He was playing music, blowing into the mic, using his tone burst, an alarm sound and shouting paedophile at all on the repeater and all the other stuff he normally does, also playing the Laughing Policeman song just before I got the camera on. Also on the repeater were op Neil MM6NWH and a person unknown but sounded like a CB user I have heard before. The jammer is in the Glasgow area, no signal on input to me. It’s coming from CB retards who got their foundation and intermediate license and think that makes them clever but nobody wants to talk to them expect other jammers!. Yes them, I know there is two or three. The guy who does the squeaky though it’s easy to guess who he is, he is also a CB’er errrr I mean an Amateur op who uses the 555 11m Free-band CB on his modified GEN wire snipped Yaesu HAM radio and Tandy/Radio Shack (Realistic) DJ mixer but shhhhh 😉 We’re not supposed to be clever enough to know this yet. X marks the spot.

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