Gene Simmons website hacker arrested, tied to Anonymous A 24 year old Manchester, Connecticut man named Kevin George Poe has been arrested for the October 2010 attack on the website of Gene Simmons, the bassist for the classic rock group KISS. Poe is thought to be a member of the hacktivist group Anonymous, which has taken issue with Simmons and his vocal crusade against digital piracy. Hiding behind the screen name spydr101, Poe allegedly carried out a distributed denial of service attack (DDos) over the course of 5 days last fall, overruning Simmons’ website with information requests called packets and causing it to crash. A grand jury indictment handed down by a federal court in Los Angeles claims Poe used a piece of software known as a “Low Orbit Ion Cannon,” a popular weapon among Anonymous members. He was corralled by FBI agents in Hartford, Connecticut and ordered to appear in court in LA, where the investigation began, to face one count of conspiracy and another of unauthorized impairment of a protected computer. Poe could be sentenced to up to 15 years in federal prison if convicted. He is currently out on $100000 bail. Simmons may have drawn the ire of hacktivists like Poe when the rock star rallied against “freckle-faced” digital thieves in a speech he made condemning online piracy at a MIPCOM conference last year. Notoriously protective of his intellectual property, Simmons said trademark holders should sue even small-time violators and “take their homes,” and was critical of the music industry’s response to

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