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Generative AI Helps Cybersecurity Teams Scan, Summarize Massive Data Volumes | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

In episode 106 of the Cybersecurity Minute, Rob Wood examines how generative AI is being incorporated into cybersecurity technologies and processes.

This episode is sponsored by “Selling to the New Executive Buying Committee,” an Acceleration Economy Course designed to help vendors, partners, and buyers understand the shifting sands of how mid-market and enterprise CXOs are making purchase decisions to modernize technology.


00:32 — There’s an ongoing generative AI boom, which includes how it’s being incorporated into security technologies. Rob says this is a really exciting trend for chief information security officers (CISOs) and their security teams, who are always overwhelmed by the demands placed on them while responding to new threats, incidents, and vulnerabilities.

01:24 — Generative AI offers benefits and opportunities for scanning huge volumes of data and creating understandable summaries to help make decisions easier. Because gen AI is already deployed inside many environments, organizations could bring this capability into preexisting deployments.

02:09 — If your security products are not embracing and leveraging generative AI technology, start asking questions. Start incorporating generative AI into your portfolio reviews and decision-making processes because it can help your teams a lot if it’s done well.


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