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The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) is bolstering the country’s cyber resiliency and security with the establishment of a Directorate of Cyber and Electronic Warfare Operations.

The directorate’s primary role is to help protect the nation’s military from cyberattacks by expanding its ability to detect and shut down malicious activities in cyberspace.

Ghana, which reportedly has more than 23 million internet users, is among the top countries in Africa for commitments in cybersecurity. It is also among the only 14 nations in the continent to sign a convention on cybersecurity and personal data protection.

Despite its increased investments, the country has experienced a significant increase in online fraud, with more than $4 million in financial losses recorded in the first half of 2023.

Vital to National Defense

During the new initiative’s announcement, GAF chief of the defense staff Vice Adm. Seth Amoama highlighted the need to protect the country’s data, network, communications infrastructure, and military assets.

He said security in cyberspace is as vital to national defense as security on land, sea, air, and space.

The official also stressed the importance of improving the cyber awareness of soldiers and other security personnel, saying it should be a top priority.

“As we take steps to protect our critical in­formation infrastructure, we want to assure all that efforts are being made for members of the GAF to understand the cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and their impact on mission readiness,” he explained.

Addressing Knowledge Gap

Accra-based cybersecurity analyst Samuel Sarfo claimed that many Ghanaians lack awareness of the risks in cyberspace, making them easy targets.

He urged authorities to continue strengthening the country’s cybersecurity by educating people about such risks and collaborating with other sectors to track and respond to attacks.

“As the nation continues to embrace digital transformation, enhancing cybersecurity measures, raising awareness, and fostering collaboration between stakeholders are vital to mitigate the escalating costs of cybercrime,” Sarfo wrote on LinkedIn.

“By taking proactive steps, Ghana can safeguard its digital future, protect its citizens and businesses, and fortify its position in the global digital landscape.”


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