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Ghislaine Maxwell’s safety at risk after a intense prison showdown with ‘Las Cubanas’ inmates | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

Ghislaine Maxwell, the convicted sexual predator, is reportedly living in fear of retaliation in prison after snitching on two inmates who attempted to extort her. The Cuban women, known as “Las Cubanas,” were placed in solitary confinement for 47 days after Maxwell reported their demands for items from her commissary. Now that they have been released back into the general population, Maxwell is shaking in her prison boots.

Terrified of potential attacks, Maxwell is refusing to use showers where she fears physical assault. She is also accompanied by a guard to and from her job at the prison library. The fearsome reputation of the “tattooed, tall, and thick” Cubans has prompted Maxwell’s concerns. They have been moved to another unit, but there are still threats looming.

“The Cubanas have a reputation for being tough and mean inside jail, and they don’t let anything slide,” revealed a source. “They are saying Maxwell needs to pay for the 47. They will beat her up the first chance they get.”

Maxwell, who was convicted on five of six counts, including sex trafficking of minors, in December 2021, is serving a 20-year prison sentence. As a strict vegan, she had allegedly arranged a deal with prison kitchen staff to obtain extra food items in exchange for commissary items.

‘Las Cubanas’ were ‘betrayed’ by Maxwell

However, when the Cuban women discovered this arrangement, they demanded Maxwell spend her entire commissary limit on them or face exposure. Maxwell reported the blackmail, leading to the inmates’ punishment in the Special Housing Unit.

Although Maxwell had the option of self-segregating in protective custody, she chose not to take it. Instead, she remains in the general population, where the threats persist.

Maxwell has appealed her sex-trafficking conviction, claiming errors made by prosecutors and the judge during her trial. Her defense argues that the Justice Department used her as a “proxy” for Jeffrey Epstein to appease public outrage following his death in 2019.

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