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Kavitha Kadambi, Chief Information Security Officer at Infosys, shared key insights on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity at the CNBC-TV18-Moneycontrol Global AI Conclave in Bengaluru.

Kadambi discussed the profound changes AI has brought to cybersecurity over the years. “AI has changed how we operate at scale and speed,” she stated. The advent of AI has transformed cybersecurity into both a protective tool and a potential weapon, making cyber threats more accessible to individuals with limited skills.

Addressing the evolving threat landscape, Kadambi highlighted AI’s role in revolutionising threat hunting. “Threat hunting is vastly different with the advent of AI,” she remarked. The integration of AI not only enhances detection capabilities but also empowers cybersecurity analysts through skill enhancement.

In emphasising the broader implications of AI in cybersecurity, Kadambi explained how risk categorisation has evolved. “You will be able to go ahead and categorise risk, define them much sharper,” she said, stressing the proactive approach enabled by AI.

Discussing the need to secure AI itself, Kadambi stressed the importance of talent, training, and skilling. “If we bring in the aspects of talent, the aspects of training, also using AI, we will be able to go ahead and leverage cybersecurity to its fullest,” she said.

Kadambi also spoke about Infosys’ Topaz, an AI solution aiming to assist organisations in harnessing AI for various purposes. “Topaz gives us those capabilities to be able to go ahead and take and use for training and skilling purposes,” she explained.

Kadambi expressed confidence in AI’s potential to revolutionise cybersecurity, provided that organisations remain vigilant and responsible.


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