Global alliance for cybersecurity launched

The Korea Internet Security Agency (KISA) has formed a global consultative body devoted to raising awareness of cybersecurity threats and strengthening cross-border ties in drawing countermeasures to deal with growing threats from cyberspace.

The state-run internet agency hosted an opening ceremony of the Cybersecurity Alliance for Mutual Progress (CAMP) in Seoul Monday, inviting a group of around 80 high-ranking officials of its member organizations from 30 countries.

Under the slogan of “CAMP lights up a safer tomorrow,” the organization will serve as a building block to halt ever-growing online threats, according to KISA.

As of July 7, 38 organizations around the world have officially joined the alliance, with three more overseas government bodies planning to join soon. Interested countries or organizations can obtain CAMP membership after a majority of founding members approves the request.

Starting Monday, KISA will serve its three-year term as the first secretariat of the organization, hosting annual meetings and taking charge of exchanging and gathering technical knowhow and human resources across borders.

All member countries are eligible to become the next secretariat upon receiving approval from the CAMP annual meeting, according to the internet agency.

“CAMP will become a global hub for cybersecurity development through information-sharing, joint response, capacity-building and exchanges,” KISA CEO Baik Kee-seung said in a congratulatory speech during the opening ceremony at The Plaza Seoul.

He stressed that CAMP has signed partnerships with renowned global organizations in various sectors in a bid to push for a wider range of activities.

“In particular, we joined hands with the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and the University of Oxford,” said the KISA chief. “I hope CAMP can contribute to enhancing the capacity of the member countries by linking quality training courses at KISA’s Global Cybersecurity Center for Development.”

One notable activity by CAMP is the creation of a hotline to build a joint response system in case of cyber-related emergencies, said the internet agency.

CAMP member organizations and countries can also exchange training programs and information on cybersecurity to turn CAMP into a global body dedicated to preventing cyberthreats, said KISA.

CAMP plans to hold an annual meeting with the members, discussing up-to-date information on cyberthreats to come up with effective countermeasures over the issue.

Science, ICT and Future Planning Vice Minister Choi Jae-you said: “Cybersecurity becomes more important in an era of hyperconnectivity.”

“Cybercrimes are becoming more sophisticated, making it harder to deal with the issue,” he said. “As an effective responsive measure, CAMP is expected to play a crucial role in helping its member countries build a cross-border cooperative system.”

The science ministry said it will spare no efforts to help KISA successfully finish its three-year term as the first secretariat of CAMP.

“Korea is expected to take an initiative in building a global cooperative model, contributing to inclusive growth around the globe,” said the vice minister.


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