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A Global Ticketing Giant company, See Tickets, recently reported a data breach that exposed the payment card information of over 300,000 customers.

See Tickets, owned by Vivendi Ticketing, revealed the latest breach in a complaint with Maine’s attorney general. 

The ticketing business said that in May, it discovered unusual activity on its e-commerce website. 

An anonymous cybersecurity company investigated and found that hackers “inserted multiple instances of malicious code into a number of its e-commerce checkout pages.”

Data Compromised in the Breach

Between February 28 and July 2, the hackers could access the names, addresses, and payment data of customers who made transactions on the See Tickets website. The compromised information includes:

  • Customer names
  • Addresses
  • Debit or credit card numbers in combination with security codes, access codes, passwords, or PINs.

According to the notification to impacted consumers, the data breach affected over 323,000 See Ticket users.

This attack reveals the prevalence of credit card skimming malware, in which criminals insert malicious code into a website’s checkout pages to steal users’ payment card information.

Card skimming is stealing credit card information or payment card data from online store consumers. Customers are unaware that their transaction data is being intercepted throughout the online purchase checkout procedure.

This issue represents the second known breach that See Tickets has experienced recently. See Tickets disclosed in October 2022 that hackers acquired consumers’ credit card credentials after hacked event checkouts for over two years.

According to the business, the skimming started on June 25, 2019; however, the code wasn’t found until April 2021. 

The malware wasn’t entirely removed from the See Tickets website until over a year later, in January 2022.

Global Ticketing Giant company See Tickets adds that its investigation into the breach was finished on July 21 and that the firm “moved quickly to notify you” — even though it took more than six weeks to contact affected consumers.

Customers who are alerted receive a free year of Kroll credit monitoring service and are urged to be watchful against identity theft and fraud.

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