Godaddy didn’t helped his Hacked Customer

This is not the first time that Godaddy is being accused of no help. This time an owner of a high profile website,, Jordan Reid, say that GoDaddy did not help him in restoring his hijacked website in spite of several pleads. 

Jordan Reid, said. few days before, she came to know that someone with the nick of bahbouh was selling her website on He was demanding $30,000 (€22,000) in return for providing the domain name of the website along with all its data. 

Reid said she immediately contacted the HostMonster , the company that operated her website. They told that website is out of their control and they could not do anything. She then told and inform them that she was the actual owner of the website. That too did not worked as they told her that she was no longer the owner of the website, after someone used the company’s email confirmation system to authorize the transfer of the domain to a private GoDaddy account. 

 It’s worth noting that Reid is also a customer of GoDaddy. She then asked GoDaddy for help, but that too in vain. GoDaddy maintained that because the account was private and the person had obtained ownership of the domain through a transfer from HostMonster, there was nothing they could do. She turned to FBI, they interviewed her but could not do anything. Finally, she phoned The Hijacker Bahbouh and broke a deal. 

She convinced him that she will pay the money after he gave him the credentials of websites. Initially he refused but later agreed and handed over the domain. Once in possession of her website she immediately called the company responsible for the fund transfer to cancel the transfer. 

Thus, she tricked the hijacker and it took her 3 days to get her website back. She is highly disappointed and displeased with GoDaddy and HostMonster.


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