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Goldendoodle’s Cute Way of Sneaking Into Neighbor’s House Is the Best | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

There’s nothing cuter than when a dog makes friends with a neighbor’s dog, and they can run around and chase each other, wrestle and visit each other’s houses for playdates. Well, on Wednesday, August 9 TikTok user @Sidneypoo posted a video of her Australian Shepherd and his bestie, a Golden Doodle.

And these two pups decided they were going to take matters into their own paws when they wanted to hang out with each other.

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These dogs are the epitome of the axiom it’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. LOL. TikTok users are loving these sneaky and talented besties and @Andrea comments, “Single handedly organizing play dates.” @Xio speaks for the Aussie and says, “”Come in, my mom is not home. She’ll never know.” @Chelle responds, “My Aussies locks the door behind me.” The video creator replies to this comment with, “I have a key on me at all times. I’ve been locked out so many times. They jump up & push the button on the doorknob.”

Aussies are such smart dogs, and some might figure out how to open doors if they’re motivated or curious. If you want to keep your own dog from inviting in the neighbor dogs without asking, you can install a video security doorbell, a different type of door handle that is harder for your pet to manipulate, child safety locks over the doorknob, or train your dog that he isn’t allowed to invite friends over when mom isn’t around.

Sometimes it may take a combination of all of the above (Coupled with numerous treats) to teach your dog that only mom or dad is allowed to open the door.

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