Google Docs used this woman’s name on its templates and she’s been getting angry messages for two years

For the past two years, 20-year-old Casey Baumer from New York has been inundated with angry and confused messages from complete strangers online.
‘I get 40-50 messages a day from people asking me why I am hacking their computer, why my name is all over their husband/wife’s computer, their school’s computer, their child’s computer etc!!!’ Casey explains.
No, Casey isn’t some sort of creepy avenging hacker.
She’s just really, really unlucky (she’s also a food stylist, just FYI).
Because, two years ago, Google randomly decided to start using the name Casey Baumer on all its Google Docs templates.

A Google spokesperson told Business Insider that the company decided to use a randomly generated name, instead of something like John Smith or Jane, in the spirit of creativity.
Unfortunately, it has led to a lot of confusion among Google Docs’ users – and Casey’s borne the brunt.
‘Anyone using Google Docs will see many examples with my name all over it. I get Facebook messages DAILY from people thinking I am having an affair with their husband and left my resumés etc. on their computer,’ Casey wrote on Facebook earlier this month.

‘I get messages from people thinking I am hacking their computer. I get messages from people thinking I am stealing their school work. AND MUCH MORE.’
While she did find the whole situation pretty funny at times, Casey is fed up of having to explain to people why her name is on top of their CV. She’s also a little annoyed at all the accusations being thrown around.

‘If you actually look at the documents, instead of just reading the name, it’s clear that none of it’s real,’ she said. ‘Google user a filler text, called “lorem ipsum,” for the bulk of the documents, so it’s just gibberish. But people clearly don’t really read it!’
Casey finally lost the will this summer and posted several desperate pleas on Facebook asking someone who works at Google or Google Docs to ‘PLEASE HELP’.

After people started sharing the posts, a Google spokesperson confirmed that they just so happened to be in the process of updating their templates.
And, as of this week, they know simply read ‘Your Name’.

So, after two torrid years, Casey can go back to simply fielding posts about Pokémon Go and friends’ babies like the rest of us.


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