Google Hails Age of Cyber War & Digital Revolution

Current executive chairman and former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, discusses in his new book ‘The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations an…


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18 thoughts on “Google Hails Age of Cyber War & Digital Revolution

  1. 0100100101100010

    Who will watch the fat man 24/7 to make sure he doesn’t disappear for a few hours at the ol’ Bilderberg “protest?” Maybe he’ll just have to have some “time alone” to be mystical at Stone Henge or something.

  2. DamnationBattalion

    Ah, I see you are being targeted directly now..
    Ya know, operatives will try to use you as a source of info, from inside Infowars..
    I’d bet, that they would pay big bucks for anything scandalous..

  3. AngryHateMusic

    This sounds like public schooling today.

  4. Jon White

    Article 2, Part (c) of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide from 1948 defines genocide as:
    Deliberately inflicting on the group CONDITIONS OF LIFE calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

    MASSIVE non-White Immigration, FORCED Assimilation/Integration & Diversity programs that target EVERY & ONLY White Nations?
    All these “conditions” ULTIMATELY lead to WHITE GENOCIDE!
    Anti-Racist is a code for anti-White.

  5. Kimjongil3000

    You all should try looking up Dahboo77. I think he covers similar news as you all do and he is a really good Youtube reporter.

    Too bad you all are seperate from Alex Jones but I’m sure it’s for the best. Thanks for reporting

  6. websuspect

    Your just butthurt cause all the listners and readers are going to 21 century wire and truthstream media. Butt hurttt.

  7. websuspect

    How Im being a liar Im not smoking crack and highering Stratfor interns and taking CIA money under the table to shill and gatekeep for the likes of CAG 3 provacatuers from Camp pendleton.

  8. ƵϵǤϵrɱanƁasƭϵʀƉ™

    Are you Sherrie Lea’s boyfriend? I hope you morons are aware that you are going to rot in hell for being liars, right?

    So kkep on trolling. ^^

  9. websuspect

    Im all giddy maybe they will grab AJax Loans and drag him off to an interrogation droid.

  10. Joshua Roberts

    eric schmidt just slinking around like emperor palpatine’s protocol droid

  11. Joshua Roberts

    transhumanism is crunchy and liberal or you are racist guiz cmon, dont be hatin y’all

  12. Joshua Roberts

    cmon guys, the borg beehive is loving or you are with al-qaeda

  13. websuspect

    Unless you have some kind of silent string to infowars. Your going to have to sit down with melissa make a mission statement and rethink your strategies and goals. Ajax Loans highers mostly blind servants and he tries to mold people to his warped perspective. Its important to see these things and ranting about them is nothing more than a demorlization process to learned helplessness unless you develop your own perspective.

  14. websuspect

    Would the computerized tracking system confuse Ajax Loans with SHill Hicks?

  15. Infowarrior2020

    It’s the slashwylde4 one. I need some advice.

  16. Infowarrior2020

    Hey guys I just emailed you.

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