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Google has released an app to transfer data from Android to iPhone | #android | #security | #hacking | #aihp

The Switch to Android app is now available on the App Store for download. Transferring data from one Apple device to another that runs Android is now more easier and more lucrative for iPhone owners. Previously, the operation could only be carried out via cable or an unapproved application. also see: Wi-Fi signal: Internet-harming devices

When using Switch to Android, the user needs to lock both devices together. This means that you have your iPhone and the other Android device to do the transfer. Also, connect to a Wi-Fi network to be able to pair the devices. The pairing will be done using a QR code. Bonus tip: How do we ensure security after conversion? An additional tip after making the transfer is how to clean the old one. In many cases, when the user decides to use the switch to Android functionality, it is because he plans to switch between smartphones.

After downloading and installing Switch To Android, the user will be able to transfer any type of file. It will be able to transfer photos, videos, contacts, calendar data, programs and applications, as well as any other file. The usability of the app is very simple, according to Google itself. Switching to Android lets you transfer files from iOS to Android
The entire transfer process takes place without the need for a cable, as it happens through a Wi-Fi connection. “The app also walks you through other important steps to set up your device, such as turning off iMessage so you don’t miss text messages from friends and family,” Google said.

See also New clip prepares fans for State of Play. So, if you are planning to sell your iPhone, remember to delete all files from it. Nobody wants some personal information to fall into the hands of unknown people who can use the data in the wrong situations. So, the advice here is to restore factory settings. Go to your iPhone settings and find the option. Complete the process before disposing of your old iPhone.

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  • Google has released an app to transfer data from Android to iPhone
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