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Google-owned security firm has Twitter/X account hacked by crypto scammer | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Dylan Horetski

Published: 2024-01-04T17:13:26  ❘   Updated: 2024-01-04T17:13:36

Google-owned security firm Mandiant recently had their Twitter/X account briefly hacked by somebody wanting to promote a crypto scam, changing the accounts name in the process.

Since the height of the crypto boom in 2020, there have been quite a few scams going around the internet that attempt to access users wallets to steal from them.

A major way of doing that is making fake Twitter profiles of prominent figures, or taking over accounts entirely in a hack.

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Google-owned security firm Mandiant is the latest to fall victim to the hack on January 3, 2024, which led to the user changing the company’s name briefly.

Google-owned company hit with Twitter/X crypto scam hack

According to Ars Technica, the hack was live for several hours before Mandiant was able to get ahold of their Twitter/X account.

During the hijacking, the scammer posted links to a website that attempted to bait people into linking their crypto wallets so they could steal some of their assets.

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“Over several hours, X employees played tug-of-war with the unknown scammer, with scam posts being removed only to reappear, according to people who followed the events,” said Ars’ Dan Goodin.

Unsplash: Claudio Schwarz

The scammer eventually changed Mandiant’s username to Phantom, and posted several tweets asking the company to take their account back.

At the time of writing, the Google-owned company has gotten their account back and all of their posts have remained intact.

“We are aware of the incident impacting the Mandiant X account and are working to resolve the issue,” company officials wrote in a statement to Ars Technica. “We’ve since regained control over the account and are currently working on restoring it.”

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