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Google Posts Updated Encrypted Hibernation Patches For Linux | #linux | #linuxsecurity | #hacking | #aihp

Back in May there was a patch series by Google engineers working on encrypted hibernation support for Linux that would be protected by the platform hardware itself like with a TPM module as well as user authentication by a password or other means. Sent out today is a second revision to that Linux encrypted hibernation support.

This encrypted hibernation work continues to be led by Google engineers on the Chrome OS team with security being a primary concern for them not only in being backed by user authentication and a TPM or other platform protection but also ensuring malicious user-space software wouldn’t be able to compromise the hibernation image in order to ultimately attack the kernel once reloaded.

Chromebooks would be able to benefit from upstram encrypted hibernation support, among other Linux devices.

The encrypted hibernation “v2” patches fix some code warnings, various user key changes, and other low-level alterations to this roughly 1.5k lines of new kernel code.

Those interested in the prospects of Linux encrypted hibernation can see this patch series for the latest information.

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