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Google Releases Chrome 106 With SerialPort BYOB, Security Fixes | #linux | #linuxsecurity | #hacking | #aihp

Google this afternoon promoted Chrome 106 to their stable channel for Linux, ChromeOS, macOS, and Windows users of this web browser.

Per the Chrome release blog there are 20 security fixes as part of Chrome 106. Among those security fixes are five “high” CVE rated security vulnerabilities and eight “medium” severity vulnerabilities. Google engineers also found a number of issues that have been fixed up as part of their internal code auditing, fuzzing, etc.

Chrome 106 changes include additions like supporting the CSS “ic” length unit, deprecating non-ASCII characters in the cookie domain attributes, SerialPort BYOB reader support, Intl.NumberFormat v3 API, and a dequeue event for WebCodecs. BYOB, Bring Your Own Buffer, support in the SerialPort reader code that web developers can make use of rather than allocationg a new buffer for each chunk when reading a stream from the Web SerialPort API.

Meanwhile ahead for the Chrome 107 beta is CSS grid-template properties interpolation, Expect-CT support for that HTTP header to opt-in to Certificate Transparency (CT) enforcement, continuing to reduce the information exposed by the HTTP User-Agent strong, and support for the “rel” attribute on form elements.

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