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Happy Monday! I want to get up, head over to your Google TV, and click the profile image at the top right of the screen. Now, click “Switch account”. Today marks the first day where massive amounts of people are actually seeing the update for Google TV Profiles, as reported by 9to5Google.


Originally, Google stated that this feature (which should have shipped with the device) was launching last year, but it got delayed. Then, I discovered a few months back that it accidentally revealed itself early through a UI bug that I encountered. Lastly, we reported on its official rollout about a month ago, with the company stating that it would be rolling out slowly to users over the weeks following. Well, folks, here we are, and after many broken promises and broken hearts, they’re finally here – a personalized, unique login experience for every member of the household in the living room.

Now, Google told 9to5Google directly that individual user profiles would be coming to users slowly over the next two weeks starting today.

Me, a month ago

In that article, I stated “this is not a drill”, but I suppose it was since it’s taken an entire month to roll out after that point – sorry about that. Unfortunately, we just have no way of knowing when Google plans to do something and follow through on it, and there is always the potential for delays. Luckily, several of us at Chrome Unboxed have tested our own Chromecast with Google TV and do, in fact, have profiles now!

If you still do not, you should have them at some point within the day, I’m guessing. Sadly, anyone with Google TV built into their Sony Bravia or TCL TVs probably isn’t seeing the update yet – only those with the external hardware dongle from Google!

In recent memory, Kids profiles were added to Google TV, but now, each adult can also have their own Watchlist, movie and TV show recommendations, a high-level account switcher for Youtube, Youtube TV, and other Google apps, and individual logins for their other media apps too. Now that everyone is looking forward to what Google can do with a more powerful Chromecast or one with more storage and memory, they can now enjoy the device for what it was meant to be – you know, two years ago.

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