Google’s IE Privacy Gaffe; iPad 3 Rumors Abound; LG Unveils Optimus Vu

Google topped headlines over the weekend for its role in the unauthorized tracking of users on Apple’s Safari browser and now, Internet Explorer.

Microsoft jumped into the controversy on Monday by accusing Google of bypassing security measures on IE. Google, however, said Microsoft was using an antiquated security standard.

The Safari issue, meanwhile, resulted in a

class-action lawsuit against Google for its role in the privacy blunder.

A new wave of iPad rumors also made headlines over the weekend, meanwhile, with the latest report suggesting a chipset known as the A5X. And, the controversy surrounding the use of the iPad name in China intensified, with a court in Southern China ordering Apple to stop selling its popular tablet there. Cupertino is not taking this lying down, however, reportedly threatening its own legal action over “misleading” statements.

Also, ahead of this year’s Mobile World Congress, LG released photos and confirmed the specs of Optimus Vu, the second Korean-made Android smartphone to push the 5-inch size classification.

Also making news this weekend:

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