GOP Prays That Russian Hackers Will Save Trump

So this is what your party has been reduced to:

Pinning all of your fading electoral hopes on the rantings of Roger Stone, a disgraced political consultant who was fired for being too wacky for Trump’s campaign. Yes—there is someone who actually exists who was too crazy for Donald Trump to be associated with.

This face of the lunatic rightwing fringe has promised that by Wednesday, Clinton’s campaign will be destroyed by WikiLeaks founder and child-rape fugitive, Julian Assange. He won’t say what he has, but ohhh, it will be sooo bad. In a statement that in no way makes him sound like a paranoid kook, he said the “globalists and Clintonites are trying to figure out how to kill him.”

Many in the GOP, desperate for their horrible candidate to remain viable, are actually rooting for Russian hackers working for Putin to “hopefully” release something, anything, that will make Hillary look bad. The word “shame” has no meaning to these people.

I’m not surprised, though. I’ve watched for years as conservative candidate after conservative candidate did his level best to not govern, to the point of shutting our own government down. These bastards even worked to suppress American citizens from casting a ballot. You can’t get much more unpatriotic than that.

Although I’m not surprised, I’m not worried either.

You see, Hillary Clinton is the most vetted candidate in all of American history. If she sneezes, the rightwing is all over it. (I mean that literally. One single cough set off a hundred new rightwing conspiracy theories from terminal illness to body doubles.) You have accused Hillary of everything ranging from deceitful emails, to satan worship, to murder. You have hounded her relentlessly for decades. Rep. Kevin McCarthy even blatantly admitted spending two years and millions of dollars of our tax money just to try to make her look bad for political gain. You grilled her for over 11 hours on Capitol Hill. All of this has blown up in your faces. Hillary has beaten you every time.

Not to say that this hasn’t taken a toll. Hillary has always been an extremely warm, open, and caring person. However, being under the microscope for decades by people who have somehow made their living trying to destroy her have made her hyper-cautious about everything. She is also, understandably, a person who has become prone to privacy and secrecy. Do you blame her? Many of us would have been driven mad by the constant hounding. Nonetheless, they have failed to break her spirit.

I don’t know what the big “reveal” will be. Yet I doubt that Hillary has given them anything to go on. She is too smart and too careful. It will likely be a forgery of some kind, since Assange has promised something big and doesn’t want to appear like a loser. Worst case scenario, even if I’m wrong and it turns out to be something legitimate, I can’t imagine that there is anything that could possibly be worse than any of the massive scandals and fraud committed by Donald Trump. There is simply nothing equivalent to that hot mess, and no “secret files” are needed.

Fellow Democrats, please don’t get distracted. The “October Surprise” lunatic pipe dream that Trump supporters are hoping for won’t stop Hillary from becoming our 45th president, but Election Day shenanigans might. Trump is already recruiting an army of people on his website to harass voters at the polls. This is what we need to focus on and speak out about.

Crackpots can be laughed at. Yet when they try to prevent democracy, they also need to be dealt with.


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