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GOP’s Websites Hit by a Massive Cyber Attack | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack | #hacking | #aihp

Today, different websites of the Government of Pakistan (GOP) were struck by a large cyber attack, rendering them inaccessible, according to the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom (MoiTT). However, the ministry later confirmed that it successfully thwarted that cyber attack from gaining any consumer or financial data.

The media reports entail that the website was most likely subjected to DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks.  Furthermore, it was reported that the malware disabled the websites of organizations affiliated with the National Telecom Corporation (NTC). It’s worth noting that last year, a cyberattack on the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) was reported, disrupting its activities However. this time, there has been no compromise of any kind of data. In this regard, the Federal Minister for MoiTT Amin ul Haq said,

The cyberattack took place on Tuesday morning at 11:30 AM. The attack failed due to a comprehensive cyber security system. Due to the cyber attack, the websites of some departments were automatically suspended. All the websites were activated in the shortest time of 3 hours. The cyber attack was not on the data center but on the networking side.

However, on the other hand, the National Telecommunication & Information Security Board (NTISB) also released a cautionary statement that entailed,

Dear all, severe DDoS attack has been observed in Pakistan. All are requested to please arrange to take appropriate measures to ensure the security of your respective organizations. According to a threat intelligence report, NTC, PTCL, Cybernet, and Multinet are the main targets.

Note: This is a running story, so we would update it as we get more information.

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