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During an interview with KOAT, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham discussed various important topics, including President Joe Biden’s visit to New Mexico, the state’s Children’s Youth and Families Department (CYFD), crime, and her push for electric vehicles.

Previously, Target 7 aired a special investigation called “Broken Promises,” highlighting how CYFD had failed to keep their promise of ensuring child safety. The investigation revealed that the agency was prioritizing family reunification over the safety and welfare of children, contradicting the children’s code.

To address these issues, Governor Lujan Grisham signed an executive order in February to “Get CYFD back on track.” She mentioned that progress has been made, with individuals being held accountable, some being placed on leave, and others terminated. Furthermore, a dashboard has been implemented to provide transparency on the agency’s activities.

Following the departure of CYFD Secretary Barbra Vigil, Teresa Casados now serves as the interim secretary. When asked about the appointment of a new permanent secretary, Governor Lujan Grisham stated that a national search is underway.

Regarding legislative efforts to bring about changes to CYFD, approximately 30 bills were presented during the 2023 legislative session, but only a few passed. Although there were calls for a special session, the governor explained that it could have a negative impact, especially when there are disagreements concerning an executive department’s responsibilities.

Crime was another major concern discussed during the interview. Governor Lujan Grisham expressed her worries about public safety issues, including crime rates, the growing homeless population, behavioral health access, and drug addiction. She acknowledged efforts to combat crime, such as hiring more police officers and implementing different approaches by the Department of Justice and the District Attorney’s office.

Addressing the issue of illicit guns on the streets, the governor emphasized the importance of law enforcement agencies utilizing available tools to ensure the safety of communities and the enforcement of laws.

Governor Lujan Grisham also shared her proposal for increased availability of zero-emission vehicles. By 2027, she hopes that 43% of new cars sold in New Mexico will meet clean car standards. This move aims to lower the price points for electric vehicles and introduce New Mexicans to alternative transportation options.

While critics argue that this proposal may increase prices for the majority of New Mexicans, the governor believes that setting a high goal is necessary to encourage electric vehicle manufacturers to bring their inventory to the state, thereby creating more opportunities and ultimately driving down prices.

Overall, Governor Lujan Grisham provided insights into various pressing issues in New Mexico, discussing efforts to improve child welfare, address crime concerns, and promote clean transportation solutions.


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