Government Warns Against Akira Ransomware Targeting Windows Users, Know How To Stay Safe | #ransomware | #cybercrime

The government has disclosed details regarding the user data-stealing Internet malware known as Akira. Cybercriminals extort money from consumers by hacking the system using this malware. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, a government-run cyber security organization, has since released a warning regarding this virus. Akira is malware that can attack both Windows and Linux operating systems, according to the CERT’s guidance on the malware. Users have been urged by CERT to exercise caution and awareness around this virus. 

Gains information through VPN

The CERT-In advisory cautions that the ransomware organization often uses VPN services to access victim environments, especially when multifactor authentication is not enabled. During the process, they also employ tools like AnyDesk, WinRAR, and PCHunter, profiting from the fact that these programs are frequently discovered on the victim’s computer without raising any red flags. In order to prevent online cyberattacks, CERT-In urged computer and internet users to adhere to fundamental security precautions. Users have occasionally been urged to update their OS, or operating system, on behalf of CERT-In.  

How To Stay Safe?

The easiest approach to protect yourself from Akira is to follow some simple online safety and hygiene rules. Users can also maintain offline backups of crucial data and keep them current to prevent loss in the event that the data becomes contaminated. Regular operating system and application upgrades are also crucial, and virtual patching can be utilized to safeguard older networks and systems. Other precautions that can be done to protect against cyber and ransomware attacks include having strong password policies, using multi-factor authentication, and avoiding using unofficial channels for updates and fixes.

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