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Following the recent cyber-attack involving mobile operator Kyivstar, the government is considering allocating additional radio frequencies or ground infrastructure to mobile operators experiencing increased loads, a parliament committee chairman has said.

Oleksandr Fedienko, the chairman of the subcommittee of the Verkhovna Rada on cybersecurity, government communication, and cryptographic information protection, spoke of the move with NV Business.

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“We’re working with the National Coordination Center to expand the radio frequency bands for Vodafone and lifecell operators, as subscribers have migrated to them and there is a need to increase capacity,” Fedienko said.

“We have also considered a scenario where if Kyivstar is unable to launch its core, then the terrestrial infrastructure – base stations – could be temporarily switched to other operators.”

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Fedienko said that at the time of the cyber-attack, there was no legislative mechanism for the practical implementation of such initiatives, but currently, one is being developed.

“In case of a similar attack on other operators, different rules and mechanisms will already be in place,” Fedienko said, specifying that the mechanism could be enshrined in a corresponding cabinet resolution. It would involve the transfer of additional radio frequencies or infrastructure.

In the future, such a mechanism is necessary because any company could find itself in Kyivstar’s position, noted the MP.

“This is no longer insider information. Vodafone also experienced issues on the same day as the massive cyber-attack on Kyivstar, by the way. This was a combined problem of both the attack and a surge in subscribers, and they managed to withstand it all.”

Fedienko also pointed out that there is currently no urgent need to transfer additional radio frequencies or ground infrastructure to Vodafone and lifecell, as they have coped with the influx of subscribers.

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“This does not indicate that Kyivstar subscribers have switched to other operators – no. They simply purchased SIM cards or e-SIMs and are currently using the data transmission service (mobile internet) of other operators,” clarified the subcommittee chairman.

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