Grant Snowden French asylum’ petition goes massive with 150,000 signatures

More than 150, 000 French signed a petition for providing Snowden asylum into France. This happened after a magazine by the name of L’express opened a petition on 3rd June on “Whether or not Snowden should be allowed asylum into France?”

Snowden’s current refugee status ends in July and he is desperate for a place where he can take asylum. His current place for asylum is Russia.

The petition was not only signed by public but also by many leading figures namely Michel Rocard, urges Hollande and Valls all of these supported the idea of providing asylum to Snowden . Though, later Valls on a television interview told he was not in favor of this idea.


However, it was of high interest the way Magazine advertised this petition:

“The Constitution states that any person persecuted for their actions in favor of freedom has the right of asylum on the republic’s territory,” the petition points out. “We, intellectuals, philosophers, researchers, journalists, but before all active citizens, demand Francois Hollande, president of the republic, Manuel Valls, prime minister, Laurent Fabius, foreign minister, welcome [Snowden] as a political refugee without delay in France,” the petition states.

 On Wednesday, a campaign is launched in berlin to protect rights of whistleblower like snowden and many other facing severe prosecutions from their respective governments.

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