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Gray Zone Warfare Hacker quest guide: How to hack all locations | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Handshake needs you to do another risky job in Gray Zone Warfare. He wants to see if you can listen in on what the enemy is doing and wants you to hack multiple video cameras around Fort Narith to learn about them.

The hacking locations are scattered throughout Fort Narith. These are hard-to-reach places, especially because you have to get close to heavily protected base areas and interact with the cameras.

Because of how close you’ll get, it helps to bring a friend or two in Gray Zone Warfare, or you hope to find an ally player who’s also clearing out the NPCs at the base.

Where to hack all cameras for Hacked in Gray Zone Warfare

Screenshot by Dot Esports

You need to find four hackable cameras at Fort Narith: One at the air traffic control building, the main entrance, the northern entrance, and the army headquarters. Every area is heavily protected by multiple NPCs, especially the base, which is crawling with them. Hopefully, you get in and out before they notice you, but expect to exchange bullets with them before escaping. They might be trying to complete Missing Colleague Two or Neighbourly Help.

Before you go, check your mail for the four wiretap items Handshake sent you. These are vital for the mission. I put mine inside my SafeLock inventory, as these don’t disappear if you die. I was thankful for putting them there because I perished during one attempt to get them, but I didn’t lose the items. If you lose them, Handshake sells wiretaps for $150. You can find them at the bottom of his vendor menu in Gray Zone Warfare.

Standing underneath camera to hack it in Gray Zone Warfare
You need to wiretap each camera to complete the mission, which means standing underneath them. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Now, when you reach each of the four locations, look at the upper walls next to the buildings where these cameras are. They’ll be tucked away in the corners of a building. You need to walk immediately underneath them to interact with the cameras, then you can install the wiretap. You only need to do this once at every location. The headquarters is the toughest, as it’s in the center of the base. You should do this one last.

After you’ve interacted and placed a wiretap on each camera, return to Handshake at Base Camp to share the good news. He’ll reward you for your troubles, adding another completed mission to your Gray Zone Warfare checklist.

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