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Blockade Australia activists at ports in Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne have disrupted coal shipments and road traffic to protest a lack of action on climate change.

The trio struck early on Monday morning and broadcast their solitary protests via Facebook livestreams, explaining their actions were intended to disrupt normal activities to force change on Australia’s climate policies.

A woman climate protester was removed after she suspended herself off a bipod above a rail bridge at the NSW coal port of Newcastle, blocking trains, as co-ordinated protests were also mounted at ports in Melbourne and Brisbane.

NSW Police officers told the young woman perched hundreds of metres above them that she was under arrest, and police rescue crews brought her down just before 11am.

A Port of Newcastle spokesman said shipping operations remained unaffected by the action.

In Melbourne a 50-year-old man dangled several hundred metres above the ground for hours at Appleton road on Coode Island, blocking operations at the ports.

Melbourne police said officers are on site to ensure there are no breaches of the peace and have said Appleton Dock Road is expected to reopen shortly.

A 23-year-old Blockade Australia protester also caused major disruption at the Port of Brisbane Motorway at Lytton on Monday morning, perched atop a bamboo pole.

Police were also seen in the background of her feed, setting up rescue gear on the empty motorway below her, before confirming mid-morning a woman had been taken into custody.

Zelda Grimshaw from Blockade Australia told AAP the protests were part of a “co-ordinated mobilisation in response to Australia’s facilitation of the climate and ecological crisis, and its active blocking of impactful action towards a safe climate”.


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