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Grimsley High School parent concerned about daughter’s safety at crosswalk | #schoolsaftey

GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A Grimsley High School parent says kids trying to cross over North Josephine Boyd Street to get to and from the school looks like a game of Frogger, and she worries someone could get hurt.

“I was just incensed,” Samantha DiRosa said. “[Drivers] are clearly not seeing [students] when they’re taking a step off the curb.”

DiRosa captured multiple videos of her daughter and other students trying to cross over the busy area. In the videos, you can see cars speed through while students are halfway through the crosswalk. In another, a student goes to step off the curb and jumps back because a car doesn’t see them and keeps driving.

She didn’t realize the four crosswalks along the road were an issue until her freshman daughter came home and told her she was almost hit.

“I thought I was clear. Checked both ways. There were no cars coming. I started to take a step, and a car came speeding right by me from up the road. It was going that fast I didn’t see it originally. It was inches away from me, and that was an eye-opener,” Sylvia DiRosa-Taylor said.

“That car was going so fast, she felt the wind of it,” DiRosa said.

It scared the pair so much that they changed their routine.

“I no longer cross there,” DiRosa-Taylor said. “I go in through the parking lot, even though there’s a lot of people, so it’s slower because it’s not safe crossing here.”

They say the issue is worse in the afternoon just after four when school lets out. They think it’s because drivers are on their way home from work, speeding through the area coming from Wendover Avenue or Battleground Avenue.

DiRosa reached out to Grimsley’s principal on Sept. 14 who told her they would reach out to the community officer who serves the school but never heard anything back. She then reached out to multiple divisions of the Greensboro Police Department on Sept. 22 and did not get a response.

She believes adding a stop sign or upgrading the current standard crosswalk signs to flash would help drivers slow down. DiRosa knows there is a shortage of Greensboro police officers but believes more visibility would help people think twice.

“Any kid who might get hit going 45, 50 miles per hour, they’re not going to live, and I would be surprised if they did … They would be severely disabled. That’s my worst fear,” DiRosa said.

FOX8 reached out to the school system with DiRosa’s concerns but has not heard back.

When we reached out to the GPD, a member of the force said they had heard of officers making stops for drivers speeding through the area. 

They suggested walking further down the street to the stoplight to cross. We pushed for more answers about how these students should handle situations where a car drives through the crosswalk while they are crossing, but we have not heard back.

We also reached out to the Greensboro Department of Transportation to ask about updated signage in the area, and we have not heard back.

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