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Promoting businesses gets more complicated as technology evolves and trends change consistently. If a small business or startup doesn’t get enough brand awareness and recognition, it might become one of the 345,000 businesses in the UK that closed its activities in 2022 due to the living cost crisis. 

Since the pandemic, more companies have closed than those new opening their activities, an alarming statistic that shows how impacted the business industry is by economic and foreign elements. Transportation and storage businesses were the most affected due to high maintenance costs and lack of income, with information and communication following closely.

Unfortunately, maintaining a business steady during these times is difficult and poses continuous risks. In the modern day, managers and CEOs must prepare for any type of emergency that will hit the world and affect the supply chain and the end consumer. However, there are ways to counteract this struggle. Here’s how growth hacking helps you.

Dominate with visuals

Whether you’re an online or offline business, you must spread awareness of your company through visuals. We’re talking about functional visuals that help improve communication by providing clear expectations and breaking barriers.

There are so many types of visuals that you might want to approach for total expansion. From neon logos to social media posts, make sure to choose one or two significant visual representations of your business for people to remember you. Everyone recalls Coca-Cola’s brand design because it’s simple and eye-catching, which is doable with the right team.

You should also rule the social media ecosystem. TikTok business accounts make millions of views by posting funny or explanatory content, luring their target audience to get more interested in their activities.

Personalise with AI

AI was everywhere in 2023, but this trend will continue in 2024 when businesses are able to leverage its features to personalise products, customer experience, and data collection and analysis. Leveraging AI can help the company grow faster since it handles data perfectly and provides insightful reports. At the same time, it can automatically customise content posted on social media, so your marketing strategy will always be on top of the competition.

As long as you can personalise your business, you can increase customer loyalty since clients

feel a sense of connection with your brand. At the same time, you’ll benefit from superior conversions due to better customer experience and guidance since they’ll have it easier when it comes to placing an order or communicating with the brand.

Partner with influencers

Influencer marketing was trending in the previous years. Still, it will be taken to the next level now, as more influencers are transparent in their partnerships and genuinely recommend products they’ve tried and appreciated. This created a stronger level of trust between the end consumer and companies since nothing is staged anymore, and influencers are open about discussing their sponsorships while companies wisely choose their collaborations.

Partnering with influencers to grow your business provides an extended reach of customers that would otherwise be difficult to attain with traditional marketing. Your business can become credible and trustable as the chain of trust starts from the influencer’s audience. This helps accomplish better engagement since audiences constantly interact with their favourite influencers.

Break the online barrier

Although online events and posts yield better conversion rates, offline activities are still important because they build up a network more valuable than impersonal engagement. Live experiences help connect with customers and potential collaborators, such as influencers, at a superior level, so you’ll learn who’s behind the social media account. Plus, you might create unforgettable memories and be remembered for something that will sustain your brand image.

Of course, going beyond the online can also mean developing virtual events, meetings and courses to interact with larger audiences and host or promote various business features. Various online platforms provide different elements of engagement, from virtual tables, speed networking tools and Q&A sessions.

Don’t leave email marketing out of this

Email marketing is one of the strategies that still feel old because it leverages basic features. However, it’s incredibly underrated because emails can be personalised and managed to increase engagement considerably and ROI as well. But considering that almost anyone uses a smartphone for communication or interaction, these users prefer brand engagement through email as it’s less invasive but still receivable.

But your email shouldn’t be plain and simple, which is why you can access so many tools and features to add various formats, images, and videos for better performance. Email marketing is most efficient when you approach different strategies like subscriber segmentation, message personalisation, and email automation, allowing you to save time on developing campaigns and using their insights for improvement.

Gamify your business

In a world where online games rule over the internet, gamifying your business has the potential of making it great. This strategy refers to implementing gaming-based methods of engaging with customers in order to increase their interest in your brand and keep them loyal. It also builds a sense of community as you can also encourage customers to interact with one another, leading to a positive user experience.

Some of the best ways to gamify your business include creating contests and challenges to reward your audiences for their engagement. Reward programs are also pretty common among companies as they provide point systems or discounts for clients who are regular in their interactions with the brand. Educational games and interactive quizzes are fun and easy to implement, especially when you’ve got a younger audience. Even virtual events can be transformed into games, such as scavenger hunts and quizzes.

Bottom line

Promoting your business in 2024, the year of technology advancements and automated insights can surely hinder a company’s brand image expansion due to massive competition. However, if you want to succeed, you can approach a few methods to keep your customers engaged and yield high. For example, it’s recommended to focus on visual explorations and AI integrations, develop your email marketing strategy, and find ways to engage with customers in a fun and relaxed environment. It’s all about balance.


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