GTBank Unable to Retrieve Undergraduate’s Missing N43,000 Despite Naming Hacker | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Florence Ayobami (not real name), a Lagos-based undergraduate, has recounted how N43,650 was stolen from her Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) account by a hacker.

Speaking with FIJ, Ayobami said her GTBank app was infiltrated by an unknown hacker on March 2 and double transactions were performed on her account within seconds.

“On March 2, money was stolen from my account by someone who hacked into it. This person performed two unauthorised transactions on my bank app,” Ayobami said.

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“The first transaction happened at 1:45 pm in which the hacker transferred N43,000 out of my account.

“A few minutes later, while I was still reeling from the shock, the second transaction happened and another 650 naira was stolen from my account. At this point, my account was left empty with only 38 naira.”

Ayobami said she immediately went to a GTBank branch at Egbe Road, Isolo, Lagos, to complain but she couldn’t access the banking hall as it was during the cash crunch.

She said she returned home to send an email to the bank where the identity of the hacker was revealed to her.

The unauthorised debit on Ayobami’s account.

“When I got to the bank, I wasn’t allowed to enter as they said the bank had closed since 2 pm,” she said.

“I then sent the bank’s e-fraud unit an email and they told me that the money in my account was stolen by one ‘Toluwase Israel Oso’ with OPay account number: 8104529430.

“They told me he had bypassed all authentication on GTWorld through which accessed my e-bank account and transferred the money.”

The undergraduate said she was shocked by the bank’s weak security as her phone was not stolen neither did she share her bank details with anyone.

“GTBank told me they were able to trace the stolen funds but could not retrieve them because the hacker had utilised them,” she told FIJ.

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“Six months on and my bank has refused to do anything concerning the retrieval of my money.

“I am an undergraduate and what was stolen from my account was partly my work salary. I do not understand how porous their security system is for someone to have access to hack into their e-banking system.

“I just want my money back from GTBank.”

On September 6, FIJ sent an email to GTBank but received an automated response.

“Dear Customer, need to report an unauthorised transaction on your account? Please send an email to [email protected] or call GTConnect on 08039003900 or 08029002900,” the bank sent as a response.

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