You are being hacked!

With the lack of installment of the security software, the Australians are becoming more vulnerable to the hacking risks. There was a survey conducted in which they found that almost 1,000 of the users does not recognize the online safety violations.

Only one in five smartphone or tablet users runs the antivirus while connecting to the public WiFi.

This is pretty simple for the hackers to get into your system and steal your sensitive information like credit card details etc.

In 2011, 1.2 million sufferers came into view after being attacked by the cyber hackers. From these cyber attack sufferers, only 10% had an idea that they have been attacked. But rest of the users are unaware that their personal and bank details have been compromised.

The researchers of the Australian Institute of Crime also revealed that at least one user from the household internet become victim of cyber security.

AVG personnel told that Twitter and Facebook have boost up their security encryption due to the increase in hacking incident through public WiFi.

You are being hacked!

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