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My iPhone 14 Pro Max is compromised either hacked or mirrored somehow. Actually my entire life is hacked all the way to my home internet , cameras, multiple accounts (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Dropbox, Wyze, Ring etc) it’s been devastating! I’m assuming all my other accounts have been hacked because of access to my passwords etc on the iPhone I’m using. I know it’s hacked because my exhibits I attempted to send to police and report this via an Excel spreadsheet and pics from my iPhone were compromised before the officer could receive them. The pic exhibits for evidence of malicious things were replaced with a blacked out pic with text referencing app clips and a detailed excel spreadsheet including imei #s, analytic data exported from my I cloud account and detailed geo location of other users whom have been able to access my account without my permission and so on. One day my settings will be blacked out as if I have parental controls on my phone and can’t expand my iCloud data in settings the next day it will be fine. I discovered with the analytics data I stumbled upon (no help from apple as they take NO responsibility even though events take place to create a “event” happening to be sent to the developers.) that I’ve been being watched of my every move for FIVE years! It appears that I had an old unused phone (iphone7) replaced by upgrades had been stolen and then it and another phone logged into my account within minutes of each other. I’m pretty positive my phone was silver and one day I found my “lost” phone that reappeared and it was rose gold but it seemed different and now all the sudden my 46k plus pictures now only stated I had 20 some k pics. I think my ex-husband whom I sued for fraud etc associated with a past mutual business he destroyed and converted and a bunch of other uglies I won’t bore you with has made it a hobby to screw with me and delete my life including 20 yrs of business and legal litigation info, all my cherished family photos etc. I believe through the last decade and hiding behind accounts he has set up masking himself using our children’s names on them. This has been hard because my innocent kids go from home to home and I think have hidden some shady things on their dads actions. I have remote users added to my new lap top I purchased after I discovered my accounts hacked and my phone obviously hacked that I purchased and set up a new iCloud account on and have not signed into any of my many other compromised accounts. I have no idea how whomever has been able to access my home internet, hack into or mirror my new iPhone 14 and new account, bypass a VPN I purchased and set up or even screw with me I real time when I was on the phone with a police officer and trying to text or email exhibits that were being intercepted. I’m so drained and have had so much painful loss and I’m tired of being a kicking ball for whomever that’s screwing with my life. IS ANYONE ABLE TO HELP ME FIND A FOOTPRINT OR ANYTHING IDENTIFYING FOR MY HACKER THAT I CAN USE TO BRING TO THE POLICE IN ATTEMPTS TO TRY AND GET SOME JUSTICE and recover from this invasion? I can see where different computers are being synced with my data and some iPhone 15 which I don’t own. Any suggestions?



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