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The personal data of staff from Cyberport and some startup companies – including HKID card numbers, bank statements and resumes – were released on the dark web after the digital technology flagship’s servers were hacked last month.

The data was released recently after international hackers demanded a ransom of US$300,000 – approximately HK$2.35 million – for the leaked 400 gigabytes of information.

Apart from the personal data of staff, the hacked files also included lease agreements, receipts, audit reports, and a large number of documents involving HSBC, CLP Power, and the government.

The hacker organization, Trigona, put up the data for bid online.

Cyberport on Tuesday strongly condemned the hackers and expressed regret over the concerns and inconvenience caused by the incident.

The city’s digital technology flagship added that it has contacted the victims to provide further assistance and guaranteed the public that it has stepped up to enhance cyber security.

Lawmaker Johnny Ng Kit-chong said the Innovation, Technology, and Industry Bureau is following up on the case, and Cyberport has reported to the police and Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data.

The privacy watchdog said they received an inquiry from one of the victims as of Tuesday while an investigation is ongoing.




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