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Murdo Fraser MSP says discovering his website had been hacked by Russians irritated by his support for Ukraine has made him “more determined than ever” to speak out against the 2022 invasion.

The Conservative Mid Scotland and Fife MSP’s website was one of several British political sites recently attacked.

A dedicated cyber security team within Conservative Party’s HQ in London informed Mr Fraser that he’d suffered an online freeze engineered by Russian hackers who had targeted him following his support for Ukraine.

Murdo Fraser’s website was frozen, meaning it could not be accessed or updated. A member of his staff found they were unable to upload content and the problem was investigated.

Matters are back to normal now but the incident has made the Perthshire politician speak out to the PA: “This was a cowardly attack on democracy by what appears to be a Russian group hostile to any politicians supportive of Ukraine.

“This cyber attack was unprovoked and unjustified.

“It came out of the blue when one of my staff was unable to update the website.

“I was informed that the negative activity came from a shadowy Russian group and that it had also happened to others in the Conservative Party.

“There was no lasting damage done, but from that point of view it was both bizarre and disturbing that groups linked to Putin’s regime would go to those lengths to suppress anyone in the West who supported the rights of the Ukrainian people.

“I’m genuinely surprised anything I’ve said about Ukraine has come to the attention of the Russian authorities.

“It won’t curtail my willingness to comment in support of Ukraine. I’m proud to support Ukraine as they stand firm against Putin’s appalling invasion of their country.

“I am more determined than ever to speak out.”

In an opinion piece for The Scotsman in March 2022, Murdo wrote of the events unfolding that he felt: “Anguish for the pain and suffering so many Ukrainians are enduring, awe at the courage and fearlessness they are displaying, shame that humanity in Europe is at this stage again, and that whatever we do, none of us can ever do enough to help.”

He wrote that he’d spent time alongside Perthshire-based aid volunteers, sorting and packing boxes of donated items of sleeping bags, blankets, baby food and medical supplies to go from Errol to Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

The UK’s cyber defence agency has previously warned about the threat of attacks on politicians from Russian hackers.


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