Hacker busted

The FBI swooped on Higinio O Ochoa III after he posted the snap, which
included a gloating message to his online victims.

He took the picture on his iPhone and posted it on Twitter ? without
realising it contained GPS data pointing directly to his house.

Photos taken on smartphones and some digital cameras automatically attach
location co-ordinates to picture files.

The snap posted by 30-year-old Ochoa shows a girl in a bikini top from the
neck down, with a printed message pinned to her skirt reading: “PwNd by
w0rmer CabinCr3w”.

“Pwnd” is internet slang for “owned” ? meaning beaten or humiliated.

Researching the username “w0rmer”, investigators also found a reference online
which included Ochoa’s full name.

Using this information, investigators quickly established which door they
should be knocking on ? on a housing estate in a suburb of Melbourne,

After staking out his home for several days, authorities stormed the house on
March 20 and arrested him.

He was taken to an FBI office in Houston, Texas, US, where he paid a $50,000

Ochoa, originally from Texas, had hacked into the websites of American law
enforcement agencies and published personal information of police officers,
including their home addresses and mobile phone numbers.

He is allegedly a member of CabinCr3w, an offshoot of the Anonymous hacking
collective, which was also responsible for leaking confidential information
from Goldman Sachs executives in September 2011.

It comes a month after former Anonymous leader Sabu was revealed as an FBI

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