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Hacker – Gray Zone Warfare Guide | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

In total, you must find and wiretap four security cameras:

  • Hack the camera at the Air Traffic Control Building
  • Hack the camera at the Main Entrance
  • Hack the camera at the Northern Entrance
  • Hack at the camera at the Army Headquarters

The toughest one is at the Army Headquarters. It’s smack in the center of the most hostile portion of Fort Narith, and you must enter the building itself, where even more guards sit waiting for a PMC like you, to hack the camera.

You’re looking for your typical security camera. They’re usually hanging in a corner on each structure, except for the Army Headquarters unit, which is just inside the main entrance near the receptionist’s desk.

It’s best to work with a group to complete this task. You’ll face countless enemies along the way, somewhere between twenty and thirty in total, and they’re usually armed to the teeth.

Once you hack all four cameras, exfiltrate promptly!

To make this challenging task easier, you can use our interactive map to plan your route!

Hacker Task Rewards

By completing Hacker, you’ll earn the following:

  • x1 Recon Chest Rig
  • x1 Commander Armor
  • $5,500
  • 4,000 EXP
  • +200 Reputation (Handshake)


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