A Hacker Group Hijacked Some Medium Blogs

On Thursday morning, the hacker group known as “OurMine” hijacked several Medium blogs—including a Fortune contributors network. The group hit Wired’s Backchannel site and, we believe, a Bloomberg Tech blog, too.
Medium’s team took the sites down soon after being notified, eventually regaining control and restoring their content.
The hacker (or hackers) had taken over the Medium account of an employee on the blogging site’s strategic partnerships team, which works with publishers such as Fortune and Bloomberg , a person involved in the cleanup told Fortune. During the attack, OurMine used its access to do what it usually does: deface the sites, blast notices that they had been hacked, and claim to be “testing” security.


“Hacked By OurMine ( Read – Important! ) – Hacked By OurMine ( Read – Important! ),” the group posted on Backchannel. A screenshot of the text captured in Google’s search engine cache following the takeover can be seen below.

“We’re temporarily offline—thanks for bearing with us while we sort things out!” Backchannel posted on Twitter in the interim. (This site and the others are now back online.)

The vandals did the same to a Fortune’s “insiders” blog, which is independent from the website you’re currently reading. “Hacked By OurMine,” the group wrote on the Medium page, changing the content of existing posts. “Hi, it’s OurMine don’t worry we are just testing your security,” the group said, before directing people to the its own website. (We do not recommend visiting their site.)


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