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Hacker groups recruit pentesters because they possess valuable skills in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities. This aligns with the offensive capabilities that are needed for cyber attacks. 

Besides this, Pentesters’ expertise in finding security flaws helps enhance the group’s ability to compromise systems and networks for malicious purposes.

Daily Dark Web recently discovered and reported that a hacker group, 62IX, officially announced they are actively recruiting pentesters and DDoSers.

Hackers Recruiting Pentesters

It is assumed that the 62IX hacker group is a pro-Russian hacker group. This group has been suspected of attacking several key targets through cyber networks, such as telecommunications firms in Australia and Hong Kong. 

The belief is that they have deployed quite a few strategies consisting of malware and social engineering tricks to be able to infiltrate sensitive systems. 

Moreover, it has also been claimed that 62IX hacker groups indulged in spying activities on America. However, it remains unclear why the group does what it does. 

International law enforcement agencies are currently carrying out investigations directed at this group. 

Here’s what the operators of the 62IX hacker group stated:-

“In order to join our team, you need to fill out a short questionnaire, according to which we will judge whether to recruit you or not.

“When filling out the questionnaire, be as honest as possible and express your thoughts correctly, as well as the information you fill out.”

Here below is the announcement spotted by Daily Dark Web.

The trend of hacker groups recruiting pentesters has quickly changed over the past few years, with cyber threats becoming more sophisticated.

These groups have increasingly sought pentesters to strengthen their offensive capabilities as they recognize the strategic advantage of having people with real security knowledge.

Precautionary Measures

Here below, we have mentioned all the precautionary measures:-

  • Thorough Background Checks
  • Strict Code of Ethics
  • Regular Monitoring
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
  • Education and Training

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