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Olin Hacker is going to see just how much gas is left in the tank this Sunday.

The young NAZ Elite speed and track specialist is scheduled to compete in the Fifth Avenue Mile in New York, closing his long outdoor season with a road race.

It’s the first time NAZ Elite has ran an athlete in the event. NAZ Elite Executive Director Ben Rosario believes Hacker has what it takes to produce a strong performance, despite being past his peak for the season.

Hacker ran well on the road at the BAA 5K in mid-April, clocking a 13:27 while finishing fifth. His next road outing at the Falmouth Mile didn’t go so well, but Hacker was hardly prepared for that race after coming off a trip across the pond and a sickness.

“The body wasn’t right,” Rosario said of Hacker and his Falmouth performance. “Now, after that race, he has looked better, because he’s gotten now four weeks of training at altitude, he’s turned his legs over a good bit, done some mile pace work, and we’ve done some of that work on the road because he’s getting ready for a road mile. So we feel he’s done some specific work.”

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Hacker, who Rosario said should be a major factor at the 2024 Olympic Trails, had a solid rookie year for NAZ Elite overall. He set personal bests while in Europe in the 3,000-meter (7:38.10) and 5000m (13:09.94)events in July. He also finished seventh with a time of 13:28:16 at the USATF Outdoor Championships in early July — peaking overall around the time the NAZ Elite coaching staff had planned on.

Based on how Hacker’s season has been going and the fact that he has been able to regroup a bit, he should be a threat at Sunday’s mile race.

“So I think the fact that he’s been on the recovery a little bit and has gotten a little mojo back here suggests that he could do well on Sunday,” Rosario said.

NAZ Elite coaches have been able to concentrate on the mile and the road as well during workouts for Hacker.

“It’s different. You are not wearing spikes, you are wearing road shoes. So for some of these athletes who are pure track athletes, this is foreign to them,” Rosario said.

The mile course is a straight shot down Fifth Avenue, with some slight ups-and-downs.

The field will be its own challenge, though, as some of the best milers show up for the event — including world champion Josh Kerr.

For Hacker to have a chance at a victory, Rosario said, he’ll have to put himself in good position to make a good move when approaching to finish line.

“You have to be on red alert as you get to 400 meters to go because you don’t know who is going to kick and when,” Rosario said.

And Rosario said being the first to kick usually leads to trouble, so Hacker will have to make some smart moves if he’s in contention for the win.

“He has to be up there in the front,” Rosario said.

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